Server Info

Players Online: 0
Accounts: 1733
Characters: 163

Version 62
Experience Rate: x4-x20
Meso Rate: x1
Drop Rate: x1
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Unique launcher, which hopefully will give some nostalgic vibes
Dynamic EXP, and Quest EXP Rates
Simplified Maple Island (shouldn't take more than 2 minutes to complete)
Mobs drop 100, and 250 NX cards
Tweaked mob spawn rate (more mobs spawn)
Party EXP multiplier (partying gets you more exp than usual)
PIN Code just for extra security
GMS Like NPC, and Quests
Item Crafter in NLC
6 Ability points (instead of 5) upon Level Up
Start with 10 of each stat.
Start with 10x Max MP/HP
Hired Merchants, Fredrick in FM sells them aswell.
Simplified commands
Commands use “.” as a prefix (.help, .myrates, etc..)
All kinds of transportation work (Boats, Trains, Planes)
3x arrival speed
More balrogs spawn (Orbis <> Elinia Boat)
Ulu city
Unique Gacha
Unique gameplay
Somewhat nostalgic
Really stable source, and server.
TBA.. TBA.. (the list is way longer atm but i dont want to include all the minor things)