Server Info

Players Online: 0
Accounts: 1733
Characters: 163

Version 62
Experience Rate: x4-x20
Meso Rate: x1
Drop Rate: x1
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Q: How does MapleChord's dynamic EXP rate works?
A: Every time you reach job advancement level (10,30,70,120) your exp rate gets higher.
(Curremt exp rate + 5).

Q: Is there going to be a wipe on official release?
A: Nope

Q: Whats the official release date?
A: Honestly, we are still not done, And we keep finding bugs as we go. Can't give you a date yet :(

Q: How do i earn NX?
A: Voting will reward you with 10k NX and also 100 MaplePoints, use the command .rewards in game.

Q: Why is drop and meso rate so low?
A: We are trying to build a strong and stable market, we want the ig currency (mesos) to be valuable.

Q: Are you even going to add travel commands? (.go mapname)
A: Nope, We want travel to be GMS like, But you could always use TP Rocks.

Q: Is this a rebirth, or Level server?
A: Definitely rebirth. There is no end to the fun here :)